Lazy Sunday – and Cardamom Matcha Latte!

It’s Sunday again, yay. Let’s celebrate this with quality time for ourself, a big mug of steaming, spicy and delicious Cardamom Matcha Latte (vegan – recipe below) and of course cake! I know I know, bikini-season is only days away and we all want to look super tanned and toned on the beach… but to be honest, life is waaay to short to always ponder if one more slice will magically shrink your bathing suite of choice.

During the night it started raining which means that I will spend my day reading, writing and caring for my soul – aka sipping tea and snacking on whatever sweets I will find in my sweets-drawer (yes, that’s a thing). I’m still working on the details of my new blog layout, editing some things here and there, trying to figure out the best way to do this. To be honest, most of this is new to me so please be patient with me making mistakes along the way.

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It’s finally time for iced beverages!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally getting warmer here. This year I thought that winter would stay for sure. I remember being certain that it will be warm and sunny around here when we return from Japan… which was nearly a month and a half ago. Japan had OK weather – meaning coulds, rain and wind with some sun rays here and there. I was so sure that it will have at least 20° Celsius at home, but no… the weather had to prove me wrong and greet us with wind, rain and even snow! Snow, in April, you had to be kidding me.

Well nevertheless we all made it through the cold weather. By the beginning of May it finally started getting warmer and the ants were paying their yearly visit to our house – which is the official sign that winter is over. So started planting the first seedlings outside, bought some tomato and cucumber plants and opened my sunny season with a long sunbath and cold drinks on our veranda. I’m such a sucker for sun and nature, I can spend aaaallllll day long in my comfy chair on the veranda, listening to the crickets singing their ode to summer and to the leaves rustling in the wind. When I feel motivated enough it will also smell of freshly mown grass – a smell that always makes me happy. Read more