Slovenia – Bled

Some time ago I have been to Slovenia – Bled and Ljubljana to be exactly. My husband had to go on a business trip over the weekend, so he decided that I should join him (which I quite unwillingly accepted – as you can imagine, haha).

So we packed our things and drove to the lovely city of Bled where we spent two nights in a nearby Spa Hotel which was built right next to an old Chateau. It was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lush green and with rooms that had wide windows from which you could gaze at the stars at night. What can I say, it was amazingly relaxing. If you haven’t had any vacation in a while and are overdue for some quiet time – maybe you should skip the next sentence… 

Our days consisted of getting up whenever we woke, enjoy breakfast (which was served buffet style), swim a few rounds in the indoor pool, take a stroll in the garden and around the Chateau, enjoy a massage or two, relax in the basement spa area with various saunas and mostly no other guests (!), eat dinner, take another stroll and go to sleep while watching the stars from your bed. 

The Chateau

We also decided to take a short trip to the city of Bled which has been recommended to us. It’s a lovely little city with lots of parks and restaurants. Bled is most famous for its church which stands on a small island in a lake at the border of the city. You can easily reach all the main attractions by foot, so we parked our car on the outskirts, strapped the backpack on and just started walking. Within a few minutes we reached the first small parks, restaurants and tourist informations. We were quite surprised to see so many tourists, especially from Asia. Later on we learned that Slovenia has become very popular with Asian tourists – I’m happy that people are so interested in all parts of Europe and it’s culture.

Church in the lake, Bled (sorry for the bad quality)

The lake wasn’t far and we reached it in about 15 minutes. It was already time for lunch so my husband googled for good places to eat while I spent time in a lovely little tea shop (I just couldn’t resist).

Jasmin Tea Shop in Bled

He found us a vegan Burger restaurant nearby which had very good ratings so we gave it a try. It was super delicious! Even my husband liked it – which is super rare because he never eats vegan food. The place is called “Public” and is near the lake. The interior is cozy vintage and the staff spoke very good English. You can find more information here. We selected our buns, patties and toppings – I had the Club Burger (a patty made from zucchini, pumpkin and mushrooms) in a corn bun. We also ordered a side of potato wedges and homemade lemonade. As I said it was delicious and we felt energized to walk around the lake.

Vegan Restaurant “Public” in Bled
Interior of “Public”
Club Burger at “Public” in Bled

We spent the whole afternoon at the lake, enjoying the view and atmosphere. Even though there were quite a lot of tourists it didn’t feel overly crowded. Two musicians were playing classical music on the lake shore in front of a restaurant and you could delight in this lovely sound while watching the cute baby swans and the ducks swimming in the lake.

You can rent small boats to go to the island in the lake.
Musicians playing on the shore
Cute baby swans
The ducks were quite interested in the tourists (maybe because of the snacks the got from them, haha)

In the late afternoon we returned to the hotel. It was a wonderful trip – well, more for me than for my husband because he had to work. I can only recommend visiting Bled if you have the chance to. It’s also not far from Ljubljana, a trip about which I will write in my next post. 

XO Alex

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