Koh Yao Noi, Thailand – Part 1

Beach at Koh Yao Noi

Last summer I decided that I need some time for myself, do some Yoga, meditate and just be amidst nature. Because I love the sound of waves – crashing onto the shore, washing away all in it’s path but also bring life and energy to it’s surroundings – I decided to do a Yoga retreat on some island. After scrolling through various websites, reading recommendations and asking myself for how long I want to go, I stumbled upon this Yoga retreat called “Island Yoga” on Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

Cute little gardens and wonderful nature everywhere

Somehow my gut told me, that it was the right place for me. And because I decided to listen to what my body tells me more often, I went with it. Within a few days reservations at the resort were made and the flight was booked. Barely two weeks later I left for Phuket.

The flight was quite pleasant, I even got a free upgrade to Business Class – it was hard, but I tried not to complain 😉 . The hotel I would be staying at provided a free shuttle service, so I went to where the taxis and busses were supposed to leave. The moment I stepped outside I was greeted by a gush of hot, humid air mixed with car fumes and gasoline that took my breath away. My relatively tidy clothes got instantly damp as I broke into a sweat. I frantically searched for the sign that said “BS Airport Hotel” and my name so that I could get away as soon as possible. I found it after a few seconds, but sadly the driver was not yet there. So I sat there in the hot, humid, fume filled garage of the airport and waited patiently for my shuttle bus, trying hard not to suffocate. The ride to the hotel was quite short, everyone greeted me nicely and they even brought my bags up to my room. I thanked them profoundly, closed the door and instantly fell onto the huge bed. The journey was tiring, the hot and humid air draining but I was glad to finally be where my gut told me to go – well, nearly there. So I relaxed for a few minutes on the bed, texted my partner and family that I arrived safely and drank a whole bottle of water. 

BS Airport At Phuket Hotel
Hotel Room at BS Airport Hotel, I only payed 26€!

Even though I had enough to eat on the plane I still felt in need for some snacks and most importantly some water and drinks. So I ventured outside in search of some shop or other. I walked for about three minutes when I found a 7 Eleven store. Lucky! The air con was on full blast, the shelves were stocked with sodas, water and snacks – I was in heaven. I decided to try the coconut water, some sodas I didn’t know, some sweets, a sandwich and of course water. After I returned to my room I flopped onto the bed again, opened my Youtube app, filled the nightstand with drinks, snacks and sweets and relaxed the rest of the evening. I slept like a baby that night, the only thing that woke me every once in a while were the roaring engines of the planes passing overhead.

Spirit house outside a shop

Street vendor


You could find sweet little cafes and good, cheap restaurants everywhere

Next day I would leave for the nearby island of Koh Yao Noi to begin the days of Yoga, introspection and meditation.

Stay Tuned!

XO, Alex

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