Poppy Seed Cheesecake with Pears

Poppy Seed Cheesecake

The weekend is starting soon. Hooray! In Austria the 26th of october is a national holiday, so it’s going to be a super long weekend. On days like this I want to relax, drink some tea, read a book or meet with friends. Since it got quite chilly there’s even more reason to warm up with some hot beverage and a nice piece of cake when you get home after a refreshing autumn walk. Two days ago my mother and I took a walk near my home and found some pears laying beneath a pear tree that nobody seemed to need, so I packed four of these juicy and delicious fruits in my bag – all the while dreaming up ideas of what to make with them.

Normally I don’t believe in fate, but when I checked with pinterest that evening the first pin I saw was a super deliciously looking poppy seed cheesecake with pears on top! Can you believe that? There was no way I could ignore that obvious sign, especially since I had some walnut cookie dough sitting in my freezer, waiting to be baked into something wonderful. And this cake practically screams autumn! I just love seasonal food.

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